How does business consulting work?
it's pretty much an ask-all, tell-all session
Attendance:  Skype, Phone or Facetime!
Topics covered: 
-Business planning
-Marketing strategy development
-Website review
-Business workflow (inefficiencies identified and remedied)
-Pricing structure
-Customer service issues
-Anything else business related!

Ask away! If you do not have specific questions, I will ask YOU questions to determine your needs. Sometimes you don't know what you don't know! 
NO legal advice or contract drafting will be provided through business consulting sessions.   If you need legal advice and would like to hire me as your attorney - please go here.
Requirements: Most up to date Skype version or a private telephone number.
What you will receive:  
-Assessment of issues in your business & proposed remedies
-Actionable items to work on & email support by Rachel to help you implement these actions
-Ask-All Tell-All No-Holds barred advice
-No sugar coating, straight talk                 
Great! How do I get booked?
glad you asked! it's easy as 1, 2 and 3!
Select the consulting package to suit your needs
Select your method of session + time
Do your prework - Rachel will reach out with pre-work based on your prelim answers

Choose a custom consulting collection

*Rachel is licensed in Texas, Virginia, & the Supreme Court of the United States.  This page is not for legal services.